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Accelerating Expansion of Economies of Scale to Reduce Deadly Emissions

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New research interestingly shows that silt in our rivers is losing density and hence ability to absorb water which further increases SLR.

In LA SLR due to slimmed down silt has increased 13 mm annually. One holistic, healthy and bio-conscious remedy would be to grow more plants where roots can absorb more water and reduce SLR.

Only 10 percent of endangered species worldwide are receiving adequate funding and habitat. Many are under tremendous threats from unfounded propaganda that suggests that protecting habitat has no influence on endangered species livelihood or numbers.

Glitzy marketing influences funding for specific animal protections. For instance owls are far more popular with donors than mussels.

Some places, including in Brazil, acquire funding to allegedly protect endangered animals through appealing to eco-tourists.

Quality of writing and research benefits greatly from travel and breaking down barriers to participate in open global forums with like-minded individuals that share similar values or more dynamic meeting places with thriving vibrant democracy expressed.

Isolationism leads to weakness and uncompetitiveness as well as intolerance and ill will.

For good will and good karma is is important that all technology users understand that they are individuals separate and distinct from computers and programs and should understand they are not responsible for actions of computers or programs that can be inconsistent and can make mistakes.

Sometimes it's best to take more breaks to maintain positive content and contribution.

Improvements to the world economy and specifically improving proven deteriorating environmental conditions from ongoing increases in harmful fossil fuels, including oil, natural gas and coal, can be found in politics and in economic administration and management that redistributes these criminal and corrupt injustices from polluters to victims and their families as well as building and expanding economies of scale east and south to mutual benefit.

For example at present only approximately 20 percent of global carbon emissions in transportation are taxed. Relaxing regulations only worsens conditions.

The global economy as well as markets need to be regulated by enlightened minds for superior benefit to our society especially related to preserving the quality of our air, drinking water and soil as well as creating healthier jobs in well areas that transcend borders.

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