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Accelerating to Electricity and Hydrogen in Policy and in Planning

As our wave and numbers grow to record levels crashing with unprecedented force into the rocky shorelines of policy implementation, we are washing away immorally inferior resistance with overpowering forces of nature at hand.

Planning and policy priorities in use of fossil fuels must change now to electricity and hydrogen particularly in the interests of prosperity and quality of life worldwide.

Revisions to tax codes are now a top priority as they are proven to be the only effective means of forcing polluting industries worldwide to comply with global climate-change mandates monitored and enforced by the UN climate-change structures and the IPCC with expert knowledge at hand.

Industries, including heavy transport, and inefficient and unclean fossil-fuel exploiters, account for over 40 percent of harmful carbon emissions and continue to ignore growing facts of increasing suffering, death and destruction from weather events caused by climate change.

EV tax credits are an important step to reducing these emissions but not enough and the 200,000 limit per manufacturer weakens impact to clean our air and environment and to meet safe UN stability guidelines.

Highly hyped phasing out of fossil-fuel preferences at this stage is not nearly enough to force compliance to save our prosperity and happiness from criminal polluters and exploiters that ignore growing urgency without higher meaningful taxation.

Much fossil-fuel legislation relates to more research that fails to deal more appropriately with patching ongoing methane leaks and far cleaner and practical practices from well-to-air exploitation to protect our way of life on Earth.

On a more positive note, subsistent, sustainable integration is now practiced by almost one-third of farmers worldwide per UN SD guidelines as one of the surest means to improve quality of air, soil and water for far better food quality. Agriculture accounts for approximately one quarter of climate change emissions as currently practiced.

The continuing denial of climate-change’s real costs is coming to an end in the name of defending our very near future prosperity and happiness as many begin to grow tired of poor spending practices on old glory and a return to a world no longer, including USD 700 million on another moon landing with poor returns on investment that could be far better spent in civil defense and civil global preeminence.

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