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Acknowledging Savings in Smart, Forward-Looking Financing of Climate Change

Too many hypocriticals are using questionable e3 means toward their careerist ends that adversely affects integrity of material.

Buying bananas shipped thousands of kilometers and driving in gas guzzling fossil-fuel combustion automobiles a few blocks to pick up theses bananas is irresponsible and unsustainable in our changing climate.

These are the heartless, soulless cosmopolitans that make their choices based on distant, detached material values rather than ethical principles and find conflict between behavior and choice.

Unfortunately to lead in ones areas sacrifices to both need to be made in a growingly competitive global society.

With USD 130 billion spent on the clean up of three hurricanes alone, republican opposition to spending should learn that preventive mitigation is far less expensive to taxpayers than their own politics of non-acknowledgement, ignorance and non-acceptance that lead to ongoing and unending deadly emissions that have increased 2.7 percent in 2018 in violation of UNFCCC and leading to more ongoing climate bailouts.

Insurance and mortgage practices that encourage three times more building in riskier areas more likely to flood or burn from wildfires must be regulated to save taxpayers billions living in climate change.

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