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Adapting to and Mitigating from Increasing Emissions

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Since climate change is becoming more advanced in scope with ongoing increases in harmful chemical emissions, it is critical that leaders focus not only on mitigation but also adaptive measures that accept political realities of increases in disregard of the UN Climate Change Structure. The US alone emitted 2.7 percent more greenhouse gases in 2018 than in 2017.

With lack of will to reduce emissions, adaptation becomes even more critical from opening discussions on evacuating people from dangerous flood zones to transforming paved lands into mature green spaces that produce more oxygen for people and less harmful carbon emissions.

Attribution science and law is growing at a phenomenal rate with new research showing that climate change caused 19 percent more rainfall during Hurricane Harvey in 2017 but polluters and abusers continue their pollution and abuse largely unabated.

New research has largely not yet been codified in new tax legislation that would force these polluters and abusers to pay their fair share of the costs of cleanup, including natural disaster events such as wildfires, floods and droughts that are growing in frequency as well as increasing in intensity as increasing carbon emissions continue to reduce ozone’s protective capacities to mitigate extreme weather.

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