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Amending Paris Agreement to Include Permits for Extraction and Combustion of Harmful Fossil Fuels

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The likelihood of heatwaves has doubled in the past 10 years with ongoing increases in extraction and in combustion of harmful fossil fuels, especially oil, coal and natural gas.

The US consumes for than five times as much fossil fuels as Earth can sustain in an environmentally robust and healthy manner.

With new and emerging international research, we can now say with confidence that any single event in extreme weather may be caused by ongoing increases in harmful emissions from polluting fossil fuels.

An Amendment to the Paris Agreement providing for fossil-fuel extraction and combustion permits would not only finally begin to lower harmful chemical emissions but also provide needed revenue to fund low-to-no carbon projects worldwide.

People are beginning to take known polluters to court to sue for damages caused to them, through deteriorating health or property, by ongoing harmful chemical emissions relying on sound, scientific data to prove the existence of harmful emissions over time as well as deteriorating health and property.

As the current administration in the US continues to irresponsibly defer to backward-leaning states more, quality of critical services performed, especially maintenance is declining, including maintaining and properly prioritizing repairs with durable, environmentally friendlier materials for city streets and roads based on objective safety and condition issues rather than corrupt self interests, which increases costs to consuming taxpayers due to wear and tear, accidents and other safety issues for all users.

Reporting needed repairs, including sharing photos with reports to local officials is a good first step to prioritizing and implementing needed repairs.

Many local governments have intuitive websites for road users where they may share requests for repairs. Showing comparisons with the how the road should look would also be helpful relying on more current building materials and plans.

With only 17 percent of energy consumption from renewable energy sources, the US can increase its percentage based on growing data that shows the true costs to our society from fossil fuel emissions and lead the call to comply with the Paris Climate Change Accord to ensure our happiness, health and prosperity as well as our childrens.

According to the most recent FHA data, 18 percent of fatality victims are non-auto users but only 1 percent of funding is allotted for their safety, especially safe, secure and smooth infrastructure for pedestrians, bicyclists and growing numbers of non-auto users. Proportional funding would improve deteriorating, dangerous infrastructure for all users.

The characterizations of the global environmental movement being driven mainly by the young and the young at heart are inaccurate attempts to marginalize and co-opt it by outsiders with large footprints as many people around the world take steps in their daily routines to reduce their carbon footprints and observe more sustainable, holistic economics.

Changing commuting to reduce exposure to autos as well as harmful emissions through altering routes or traveling in non-peak hours improves health and well being for non-auto users.

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