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Ancheer's 7-Speed Non-Electric Folding Bicycle Fine for Light, Beginning Riders Seeking Value

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The Ancheer 7-speed folding, non-electric bicycle is far heavier than comparable Tern or Brompton, but at USD 125 is worth considering for lighter, more flexible riders engaged in shorter rides that may also use other means of transport throughout their day.

The folding design is also beginning and lacks sophistication of pivoted locks rather than removal of parts with tools.

The approximate 30 lbs frame is made of sturdy, heavy duty aluminum and provides security durability on the road, sidewalk or light trail.

The solid rear frame holds packs and up to three bags of groceries to 39.5 lbs for lighter commuters weighing in at 70 kg or lighter per instructions especially with properly inflated and trued tires.

12-inch tire diameter is normal for folding bicycles but the thin, factory-made, aluminum spokes snap under specified loads without regular maintenance.

There are a number of caveats with this folding bicycle as of this summer still entirely unresolved:

Without a longer lever arm to apply adequate force on the road to loosen or to tighten parts, the steering wheel and the adjustable seat cannot be secured firmly…

Ancheer's folding culture of disassemble and reassemble is beginning and needs to move to folding and locking in these parts as well as pedals instead of more time-consuming, parts and labor intensive (un)screwing...

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