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Bike-Throwing for Better Results and Forward Momentum

As we roll on together to victory on our issues, we continue to take on more responsibility and at the same time protect our own interests, including the fundamental civil right to clean air, water and soil, guaranteed by the fifth or 13th, 14th and 15th amendments. Without these we cannot continue at our accustomed high quality of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

As we work harder to deal with poor federal policy that places more responsibility on poorly trained and non-current local and state governments unwilling to work to implement positive change as well as de facto censorship from news outlets, we are studying our facts and recommending and fighting for positive improvements.

For example, defragmentizing and centralizing better agricultural data would significantly improve policy-making especially in remote places and at local levels that lack access to more vibrant and dynamic case work to better combat threats from climate change to nutrition and environment.

We are gathering more information from many independent sources to improve policy-making by taking the best examples and applying them to given situations that can be verified or reproduced.

As our ships come in with our deliveries as we follow through on our strokes also as transportation, the shipping industry can also work to further reduce harmful emissions by consciously following IMO requirements to use low-sulphur fuels as well as redesigning propellers with less drag and using copper and silicone hull coverings to not poison sea life.

More dynamic energy sources relying less on harmful fossil fuels and phasing in safer nuclear and more renewable electric fuels would help meet these requirements. Electric powered ships would be most effective on shorter non-transoceanic routes, including in and near countries like Norway and Holland that are already using the technologies.

The current US administration fails to value fairly and judiciously endangered species as well as biodiversity’s positive roles not only in endangered fragile habit but as inspiration for humanity and continues to propagate lies and unsound policies that threaten ESA.

For example, the flying fox (pteropus niger) was erroneously charged with diminishing profits for fruit growers when in reality culling the animal had absolutely no effect on commercial fruit profits.

Filing injunctions would have stopped sooner the culling of this important species to biodiversity and fragile habit where it performs valuable functions, including distributing tree seeds.

We can work more with nature, including animals, for example, in managing to reduce the significantly increasing amounts of damages caused from fires.

In one recent study where white rhinos were present in South African prairies, the amount of land destroyed and size of fires was reduced by 50 percent where the rhinos had eaten grasses to shorter lengths and also trappled trails that curtailed growth of fires and naturally confined them without harmful chemicals polluting our air.

Ride on and celebrate small victories in your wars along the way.

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