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Saving Science and Society with Sound Legislation

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Ongoing increasing in carbon emissions are beginning to adversely affect the quality of the food grown exposed to such emissions. Recent studies show that rice for example loses significant amounts of vitamins due to exposure to higher levels of carbon emissions.

Through stronger legislation from US Congress, scientific processes should be made more independent of political, ideological, financial or business interests because too much rests on sound data and science as a foundation for better policy making to benefit our society and protect our citizens from short-term, capricious whims in these areas.

The recently proposed and introduced into committees Scientific Integrity Act is an important step in the right direction and should be passed into law.

Corrupted data and processes only lead to politics of denial and nonacknowledgement which only makes matters worse in climate change as we have seen with the 2.7 increase in deadly and harmful carbon emissions for 2018 in the US alone largely due to criminal incentivizing of coal, oil and natural gas.





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