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Catching Wind While Excelling in One's Pursuits

At the top enjoy the view while pedaling through attacking all along the way.

Mastering infinite energy of scintillating synergy for more production and prowess in one’s pursuits at the wheel on one’s own road to one’s own end in the gift of life.

Not attacking windmills but using them to harness more clean energy. GM should be praised for taking measures to focus far more on generating power from wind which of course has no carbon or other pollution and is becoming increasingly less intermittent while reserve technology significantly improves.

Hopefully many more enlightened and benevolent private players will follow on to develop more clean sources of energy as demand increases worldwide for clean energy to improve climate.

China’s BYD is also acknowledging dangers of climate change and taking appropriate measures by increasing production of electric cars to 570,000 per year with improving exhaust-free lithium batteries.

However state and local governments can do much more in their planning and implementation and acknowledge the overwhelming benefits of smart low-to-no carbon transportation modes that people demand to improve their quality of life, including air quality and environment.

Drops in use of local transport in some places is due to local and to state governments not upgrading and promoting properly as well as using more aggressive stimuli to take citizens’ higher interests to heart.

Local legislators continue to limit funding for ecology concerns along no longer sacred highway projects to less than 2 percent of total operating costs, for example, and ultimately further decrease the value of neighboring real estate with poor aesthetics and unhealthy bio-ecology as a result.

Weak passenger-rail leadership cowers in debt choking for a voice as growing numbers of restless and unserved passengers demand service with petitions and pleas to work together to develop projects with emerging financial instruments in a more timely manner.

Systemic improvements of separating rail track owners from passenger rail providers and also supporting new contenders for service contracts as well as trimming de facto state monopolies would immeasurably improve service to tax-paying and fare-paying passengers in this area.

In the days of fair-weather follies fading away and weekend warriors at their leisure, we continue to use the bicycle with the purpose of transport to complete various tasks, especially shorter trips to be more sprite and fit and less corroded, corrupted and overly convenienced.

Cyclists push forward and practice harder change to benefit many.

Nothing of value, especially clean air and vibrant healthy environment and economy in our time, has ever been built without suffering and sacrifice and to the practicing goes the grail to oversee, to regulate and to implement better policy.

In an ideal world one would expect politicians to be open to facts that lead to decisions that benefit society with more degrees of benefit for the most people.

However, we are dealing with politicians and officials who are unwilling, stubborn and negative toward positive change. In this climate something needs to be done. These people need to be thrown out or reprimanded for public good. Their continued arrogance combined with ignorance is senseless and will only lead to more suffering, death and parasitic financing down our roads.

Leaving the UNHCR continues the disastrous and fallacious policy of the current administration that shares not the wherewithal of the people to have not surrendered but to fight on.

After all, the institutions, including UNHCR and the TPP are far stronger and provide far more benefit with the US than without. Furthermore, when we leave we lose influence built up over years of hard work.

Why waste so much political capital and be identified with one small corrupt and diplomatically insignificant and criminal nation as their surrogates sellout with promise of bilateral deals to benefit their few for their dine the thunder of the strong line, belief and actions of others far more committed to championing these causes who see and negotiate compromise to benefit more?


As we descend and gain speed with fire to our destiny of more truth and in developing and implementing policies at all levels.

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