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Changing Transportation Infrastructure to Improve Health and Environment

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This morning while riding to my place of employment I encountered unexpectedly very high emission levels due to unnecessary seasonable road construction driven by county public works.

Large construction vehicles idling needlessly pouring more fumes into the air and cars queuing for road workers to direct traffic in these normally peaceful and healthy area.

So many highway programs, including INFRA and others, continue to discriminate and are unfairly biased in favor of internal combustion engines terms of allocating public resources to maintain highways according to outdated standards that require large amounts of energy and create correspondingly large amounts of pollution for these pet projects.

In our current dangerous climate, bicycle fatalities alone increased in 2018 by 10 percent year-on-year according to NHTSA.

Wear and tear and horrible diesel pollution caused by trucks could be lessened with improving rail-freight infrastructure.

More money should be set aside, including in the Clean Environment Act that has passed into the Senate, for alternative transportation as according to much research transportation is responsible for almost half of climate pollution.

One is example is an approximately 62-mile highway for bicycles and other non-auto users that recently opened in Germany.


Renewable materials including durable recycled plastics should be required for these projects in terms of sustainability, cost and durability versus concrete.

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