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Checking Commercial Fossil-Fuel for Better

Commercial structures unfairly supported by corrupt and interested elites continue to ruin our environment and prosperity.

Two current policies evidence this corruption.

First, Cambodian rainforests have lost in 14 years almost one quarter of their total area due to violent and irresponsible commercial rubber production and sales driven by Chinese automotive industry's irresponsible and unsustainable greed for tyres.

Second, the Trump administration's relaxing restrictions on methylene chloride in our drinking water on behalf of hidden, elite commercial interests causing several deaths and threatening the health of our people as well as their ongoing increases in hazardous fossil-fuel production especially coal and oil driven once again by violent, irresponsible commercial interests that if left unchecked would rape and ruin the foundations of our near-term happiness and prosperity.

The production of fossil fuels and other natural resources, including metals like aluminum, can rely on more circular sustainable reusable models to reduce waist and harmful emissions with more targeted research driven by environmental concerns as well as timelier implementation.

For example, only 25 percent of aluminum in the world is at present produced with used resources. In this way, the global economy of fossil fuel and natural resource production could be more holistic and sustainable with less harm to our environment, including water, soil and air.

Weaker governments that cannot control global commercial interests to maintain international norms should be formally required by international organizations, including WTO and IPCC, through independent and more objective monitoring to reduce harmful emissions in production with sanctions as well as specific technical support in the spirit of good cooperation to comply with international standards.

These measures could be financed largely by hazardous waste taxes and a system of fines and other penalties for ongoing noncompliances that have proven to be the only way to modernize stubborn industries.

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