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Commuting on New Waves of Positive Change

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Worldwide in 2017, according to new research, more than 1.3 million people died from harmful emissions from natural resources, including oil, gas and coal.

China and India combined accounted for more than 1 million victims.

The total death toll continues to increase due to the blatant disregard by politicians of the UN structure protocol and as they continue to mislead voters and public opinion away from these horrific facts as more harmful fumes unscrupulously kill innocent people.

The recent elections in Ukraine, Turkey, and Algeria show that a growing overwhelming majority of people are sick and tired of corrupt, status-quo politics that corrupt people’s faith in their systems of governments and leaderships.

This growingly victorious new wave in favor of people is crashing into shores to purify corrupt systems of government as well as corrupt monopolies that can be beaten when people unite transnationally with correct, sound scientific facts to expose corruption in the name of people and consumers.

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