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Conduiting to Change Climate for Better

Multi-modal means of transport clean the air

Disturbing new studies report that methane emissions are on the rise from, e.g., fires. Methane also contributes to climate change. Meanwhile new unsound traditions ensue from farmers and gardeners alike nationwide burning fields, yards and gardens before planting. This further exacerbates these disturbingly deadly trends that ruin our air quality and our quality of life.

Sitting behind a wheel, one’s senses become dulled, passivity and lethargy ensue, one develops a false and artificial sense of security being removed from the outdoors and the real world that they are poisoning with noise and deadly fumes to ruin our environment while they sit indoors ignoring the deadly consequences of their actions that we continue to subsidize by not phasing in sooner exhaust-free technologies and more efficient modes of transportation, including smart infrastructure networks with more intuitive and interactive, user-friendly experiences.

According to many knowledgeable and respected sources, vehicles violently violate our rights to clean air and cause more than 50 percent of climate change, including global warming. Sound science are more peer-review driven now and as a result produce more objective facts that are more easily replicated in a field that continues to thrive and to grow to protect and to defend our most precious resources, i.e., clear air with multi-modal transportation.

Unfortunately, as carbon levels and methane levels continue to increase and to warm our climate, scientists are learning daily of the complex interrelationships and deadly consequences at hand.

Many now acknowledge that rain patterns as a result of climate change are moving to the poles and leaving more of the center of the Earth dry with each passing year as carbon and methane levels continue to increase violating the hard-fought passage of the Paris Accord to provide security to our future on Earth.

At the next stop, at these rates, we can expect to see trains racing to immense conflagrations with steaming surrealism smoking above scorching fields if we do not implement more drastic changes sooner.

One task that we can all consider, besides minimizing one’s carbon footprint, is also to focus on mandating, at all levels, through our lines of sight (LOS), the culprits who right now include big oil, to patch up, like well-worn road tires, punctured supply lines that are polluting our air and warming the planet.

If all would follow BP’s example of 0.2 percent pollution from supply lines corporate-wide, we would be complying internationally with the Paris Accord.

Ride on and travel more multi-modally and more safely with more knowledge to defend our way and to prevent more fires from ensuing.

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