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Counseling for more Circular Sustainability in Policy

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As nuclear power is being considered to replace fossil fuels in some places with ongoing referendums we need to understand that especially fast reactors create exorbitant amounts of waste that threaten our environmental security without more research to organically process the waist sustainably.

More research can be done on polyfluorinated chemicals that cause serious harm to soil, water and air when fighting fires.

Regulating non-defense to exclude use of PFOS is a good first step but more can be done to make the chemicals organically safe for environment but still reduce oxygen organically that spreads fires.

Viewing high-speed rail as passenger rail emphasizing petitioners as customers and people with not only a civil right to the service but also the ability to pay for part of the service, would more fairly portray the manner of development while many commuters in the middle of the country continue to wait for hour-long delays behind slower, subsidized freight that may be improved with uncomplicated and relatively inexpensive infrastructure in the very near short-term.

After a historic approximate two-year appointment delay and lack of sound voice and urgent leadership, Kevin Doggenheimer’s appointment as presidential science advisor does not bode well for our nation’s growingly perilous environmental and national security. In his presentation to the AAAS, he failed to mention climate change in any sense although ongoing increases in fossil-fuel production are known to further weaken already perilous security and health for millions of citizens and residents worldwide.

The current democratic GND draft is unfocused and confusing. Reducing emissions and social inequality are entirely separate issues and should be dealt with more effectively in separate legislation. Republican and conservatives understandings that managed sustainability to protect our quality of life limit jobs and growth are sadly mistaken and not based on sound scientific facts and lead to uncompetitiveness and lack of positive change in our time.

Projects that protect our environmental and hence national security provide many jobs as well as healthy, responsible and managed growth that provides peace and stability.

Irrigation is another area in a changing climate that requires significant improved implementation as 50% of irrigated water and rain water is lost with current methods.

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