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Cycling as Eco-Transport on the Road to Justice


Cycling is not only for racing or workouts, although there is happiness, prosperity and joy in these pursuits as well.


In many places cycling is driven as eco-transport to improve the quality of life and aesthetics in our cities.


In the war on obesity and diabetes and health in society, riders can also learn to complete errands of various sorts, riding to one’s workplace, despite international trends in the direction of working at home with lower overhead costs, etc.


Riders haul luggage to buses, trains, airports, etc. to fulfill a critical transport link better for society.


Promotional entrepreneurs travel on bicycles with panniers, briefcases, etc., some filled with agreements, drafts and other paperwork, etc.


Cyclists also man rickshaws and pull neighborhood children in trailers that seat children safely side-by-side with helmets for the joy of their ride and to develop future ridership, etc.


Leisure and sport rides have their place on the road, but cycling as eco-transport serves an important function to society in taking cars off congested roads and in helping people better connect with their surroundings and better appreciate and understand spaces sans four walls, etc., that leads to better policies.


Great empires throughout world history, including our own, have had important traveling courts on wheels that have ridden through and have visited various places.


We are taking copious notes, photos, or sketches, etc. We are having discussions and conversations, etc. to learn more regarding de facto laws in places as a means to better implement enlightened policies from centers, etc., and as forces for positive progress for good to overcome evil versus stale, rotting and decaying status-quo thought and approaches that, if unenlightened, would lead to poisoning the planet and further ruining our way of life as well as making us highly uncompetitive in 21st century infrastructure, e.g.


Many courts have had strong support and have been welcomed as a life-saving breath of fresh air by struggling groups.


One may be amazed and pleasantly surprised when digging deeper to learn that the mindset in plein air is that “this is here” and “this can’t happen here” is definitely not always the case if presented well and backed up with scientific evidence as well as precedents that build well grass-roots support to implement changes more effectively.


As we continue to push down on our pedals, tax codes are changing worldwide to penalize more polluters and better reward non-polluting, eco-friendly transport in the spirit of 2020.


Tougher standards and indicators are needed though to reverse increasing carbon levels in the US and further improve low-carbon infrastructure of the world's largest polluter, China, to provide for a smoother transition to a low-carbon emission transportation system, including at least 10% renewable transport energy sources, with jobs and growth opportunities for many as well as more sophisticated and fair pro-bono financing at hand so we all can continue to enjoy our fresh air without threat.


Fairer and more accurate accounting of the real cost of climate change need also be implemented further so that violators pay for the clean up, e.g., paying rising premiums that pay for costs of extreme weather events as ozone continues to deteriorate, etc.


Subsidizing inefficient, uncompetitive car-centric planning that guts local and state budgets with heinous operating costs for the privileged few needs to be reevaluated to benefit our greater society more.


On your own road to justice, file complaints against local and state government employees that are not fulfilling their duties per statutes if one is unable to agree or to settle out of court in a more civilized manner with one's own strong belief in benefiting their society with their own works.

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