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Defending Others from Road Rage

While commuting on my bicycle on a route yesterday riding through a neighborhood with a wide shoulder without a stripe at present, a visiting driver of a large, old automobile honked loudly, rudely and uncharacteristically here on a quiet early morning.

I spoke up and indicated that he didn’t need to honk. He aggressively punched the exhaust to shoot in front of me and cut me off to hear what I said, but I kept riding. He rolled down his window and was shouting that I shouldn’t be mad at him. He seemed crazy.

As I was pedaling along side, I looked him in the eye and said we don’t need horns around here and that I was not mad at him, but displeased with his behavior of violating the peace in the neighborhood at this time of day where many school children might still have been sleeping.

I’ve been riding on this road a long time and this is the first time this has happened. Most people here understand that cyclists have a right enforced with law to a three-foot halo and should not be bothered there.

He was violently angry and irrational, but I pedaled on having communicated for our side in a respectful manner.

Honking like that is disrespectful and may scare many, including all the birds, needlessly as well. It is another example of a violent and disruptive reaction to nature and new spaces and surroundings for some that leads to unnecessary unpleasant ultracations sometimes necessary to defend others.

Riders need not be spooked by these crazy men and women in their cars that shout angrily in the open air especially further out in predominantly peaceful countryside.

As I pedaled cycling as transport in the countryside, another driver yelled out his window for me to stop at an intersection where there had been no stop sign.

I laughed to myself at the thought. This driver might not have been serious but once again yelling angrily and irrationally to violate peace of a quiet morning and the norm for these spaces.

Ignorance, arrogance, inaction and in violation. Another car this morning honked needlessly breaking the early morning peace in our civil society as I followed my hard-fought right to ride in a three-foot shoulder here on my way in to work.

Once again I may begin remembering license plate numbers and filing complaints to elicit written or verbal warnings, fines and also to educate and to build language on a case-by-case basis.

In my opinion, this ongoing behavior is caused by a stale, status-quo that drags us all down in these regards when rules are in play to change positively our society for the better.

Perhaps many entrap themselves needlessly in small spaces for long periods without travel or regular mobility in the fresh air and become overly aggressive especially after a prolonged winter and late spring.

Cycling and other modes of transport help us process these emotions more positively and to more benefit in larger society.


These drivers behind their wheels are very much like small, angry children that plug their ears and yell and do not want to hear and to understand that others have rights to peace, to prosperity and to the road as well.

Perhaps it is time for another PSA on commercial radio, etc. to inform new drivers of the rules of the road and norms in spaces.

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