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Defending Our Most Basic Needs with Stronger EPA

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We've written to the US Senate Environment and Public Works Committee to cloture the Wheeler nomination as new research, including our own, published this past week, confirms that deadly carbon emissions are increasing from ignorant, short-sighted and foolish increases in oil, natural gas and coal production in the US and worldwide in violation of UN Climate-Change structure mandates to secure our basic needs for clean water, soil and air as well as peace of mind from increasing in intensity and in frequency extreme weather events.

We should join Germany and emerging enlightened democracies in this critical security matter that are phasing out coal production in the next 20 years to meet the UN Climate-Change mandates.

New plans from lazy, languishing fossil-fuel lobbies are now proposing cutting emissions only to 1955-levels instead of the pre-industrial levels that more accurately, prudently and objectively, mandated by the UN Climate-Change structure, secure our most basic needs as well as promote more peace of mind from growing in intensity and in frequency extreme weather events caused by these ongoing emissions as well as increases in diseases, death and suffering from exposure to poisoned water, soil and air through weakened legislation and confused public opinion that is distracted to favour corrupt, elite commercial interests.

EPA must perform its duty as a strong check against criminal, corrupt and irresponsible policies from an administration that continues to sell off our future security as well as basic needs of clean drinking water, fresh air and fertile, organic soil to corrupt commercial interests through weakening regulations and making appointments to incompetent, unscientific fossil-fuel lobbyists, e.g, Andrew Wheeler.

If you also agree, then please sign our petition at

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