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Defending with Rule of Law and оn the Road

· Two Wheels Defending

Imagine being requested to pull over and believing fully in one’s right not to stop for not having committed an offense.

It happened to me this week оutside of Belleville, WI. I am a properly credentialed private advocate, entrepreneur and author who has ridden a bicycle as transportation and health for many years.

I have studied international law and had the honor to receive invitations to a global congress in Europe last year, and I have also recently won a national competition with submissions to present at the League of American Bicyclists Annual Summit in March in Washington, DC.

I deliberately prepared my message as I ignored the sound of the sirens and proceeded to lead the squad car out of town to the front grounds of the school building only to enlighten the sheriff with rule of law on the road.

Of course there is voluminous international research in support of this reality, including unnecessary stress of stopping and starting again for any cyclist when individual senses confirm the coast is clear.

After delivering the message, in dissent I pushed off and road off to my employment electing to not dawdle the day away for an illegal background check.

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