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Defending with Science and Practice our Most Precious Resources

TV land has been switched off with opiates of the masses having been discontinued. We should not allow the US administration to further protect cowardly US carmakers unwilling to implement sound, proven new technologies to meet the UN framework for climate change requirements.

This would only lead to a further shake-down of consumers as well as more harm to our society (compared to only a very short-term good of an overly privileged, unproductive and comparatively inefficient industry).

Public works mountains of asphalt that require massive amounts of raw materials and pollution to build and to destroy and to rebuild again are uningenious and unfulfilling public works schemes.

Public spaces for transportation should be designed with more harmony as well as protection with far more balance between the various modes of transportation in the spirit of the framework. Strips with frontage roads and fifteen lanes of high heat generating asphalt leading to poisonous inversions with only cars should no longer be acceptable and should be subject to EPA approval at any level of government before any funding is approved.

We can also plant more trees and gardens to feed ourselves with sun and rain water in these spaces to also reduce carbon and to provide more rewarding and fulfilling sustainable public works projects that rely on eco-friendly, holistic designs as we phase out the internal combustion engine at the center of the economy and move toward real sustainability and holistic health managed well for all with more paths and trails for walking as well as for other modes of transport in the new low-to-no carbon transportation economy.

Protecting unwillingness to change and to improve in the auto industry would once again lead us to bailout stubborn, intransigence as climatologists from Stanford to Yale threaten trillions of dollars in losses if we continue on our current path of global-warming economy. The US administration’s initiatives in this regard should be thwarted in the interests of our environmental as well as national security.

We believe the industry can absolutely positively compete globally and set the pace to implement cutting edge low-carbon technologies industry-wide and become a leader in exports as well with more innovative, strong leadership and challenging vision much as a savvy sprinter waits for the precise moment to launch and go all out to win a sprint finish with nothing left.

It’s all about user fees now and having polluters pay for their inefficient ways and not pass the costs on to non-polluters. The Yale and Stanford studies show that we need to change course and fall in line the UN framework to securely and to smartly reverse increasing probabilities of extreme weather events, flooding, fires, etc. by meeting the 1.5C temperature increase limit goals instead of 2.0C and save trillions of dollars in likely losses as well as needless pain, death and suffering.

On our current path we are seeing increases in amounts of extreme weather events, fires, shifting rain patterns to poles, melting glaciers, etc. Following the UN framework course would provide us all with more peace of mind of stable, managed and healthy global growth that would lead to continued peace and prosperity worldwide for more people.

Lampooning climatologists as circus hucksters is cheap populist politics that is in no way true but is actually a desperate move to attack the person when their positions on issues are truly morally superior, rewarding and better for most.

Climate scientists believe and practice vehemently proven and sound principles backed by comprehensive scientific facts and monitoring through the ages that are undergoing more peer-reviews as well as being able to replicate facts to preserve peace prosperity and happiness for most of us in the war against wealthy, corrupt special interests.

Money can’t buy love or belief or right if we don’t value it. Greed isn’t good in an increasingly interlinked global economy that requires strong international relations skills and tact to develop and to maintain good karma and positive feelings of good will. Skilled and talented diplomats can negotiate compromises to benefit the most and isolate and dethrone the greedy, evil few. Politicians use borders to their own egoistic ends.

These duplicitous interests are sick organisms that should be eradicated for cheap lies that misguide the people and hurt our society far more than help in a truer accountancy of global warming.

Financing is slowly catching up to save the day however for climatology and the planet as well where we all win with cleaner air, water and eco-systems and a safer future from continued increases in suffering and loss as we work together for positive change one policy at a time, including following the sound and scientifically proven and essential UN framework to peace, growth and prosperity in the age of global warming.

Library censors should be required to explain in writing why they refuse to make strong nonfiction works with author’s rights and ISBN numbers registered in the US Library of Congress available to their local readerships. They are another stumbling block to enlightening and to empowering readers in the middle of the country to compete in a global mobile economy on a steady diet of unreal California radio and passive artificial entertainment.

New legislation in Congress is moving in the right direction to assist financing in catching up with proven emissions reduction projects as many continue to run on air, passion and belief only at times against strong headwinds.

Dutch studies equate 1 car to 10 bicycles in tight, expensive urban spaces or anywhere. But most importantly bicycle infrastructure when done well with more greenery improves immeasurably air quality, increases significantly property values as well as quality of life overall.

British studies prove that for each pound sterling invested in bicycling infrastructure, society recoups 3 pounds sterling, including the above benefits. Something for the property developer in the White House to keep in mind when considering new emissions reductions legislation coming up for votes in the fall.

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