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Denying Climate Change is Costly and Slows Electrification in Transportation

· eTransport Means

In the US by 2030 only 8 percent of car sales will be electric at the current administration's rate of deregulation of landmark climate-change legislation that may likely end with impeachment or new elections.

Denying reality by the US administration over the past three years has only caused our country to fall further behind in emerging markets where China now commands 60 percent of electric-car capacity according to Science.

Decarbonization is driving electrification globally in willing, smart and emerging markets but it is not the only factor. Other contributing factors include fuel, infrastructure, improving battery capacity and driving habits.

European renewable energy leaders continue to put into place regulations to accelerate electrification of residents automobiles.

By 2025 both Norway and the Netherlands will have regulations in place to electrify autobilies through banning all gasoline-combustion engines on their city streets.

By 2030 Germany plans to achieve the same urgent goals dictated by growingly urgent changing climate conditions especially in large urban centers.

As winds turn west in electrification of transportation especially, will to electrify weakens sans traditions of stronger command economy systems where France and Great Britain aim for 2040.

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