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Describing in Words the Landscape While Riding in Open Air

The Chinese-company model for bike rentals without docks has created a mess in major cities. The people using the bikes have proven to be highly irresponsible and not taking care to leave them out of the way of pedestrians on sidewalks for example and leaving them in the way of other modes of transport and impeding transport as a result.

The fact that there are five times more cities with over a million people worldwide since the middle of the twentieth century raises cause for concern for transport users in open air in regard to climate change especially with continued increases in automobiles especially in cities built long before cars were invented.

Autos take up too much space in such places where traffic jams and catastrophic levels of poisonous emissions and inversions are the order of the day because governments refuse to limit emissions and cave in to luxury car makers, e.g., Land Rover and others that care nothing about climate change and our pedaling and changing schedules to travel at different times of day and on different routes to improve our quality of life, stay safe as well as reduce congestion.

Politicians and leaders should be exposed for receiving de facto kickbacks from these environmental criminals that should be forced to pay for the clean up for their ongoing and increasing harm to our planet and people.

New facts continue come to light exposing emissions as well as polluters for causing increases in incidences of diseases, including heart attack, stroke and respiratory illnesses and most recently increases in suicide in the US and Mexico due to increases in temperature caused by carbon emissions.

The US president arrogantly relates to environment and openly hides in his steel coffin from his crimes of pollution and from victims as many other world leaders, especially third-world leaders, put in power by pollution dollars.

Economists continue to praise known polluters and gas-guzzlers for sales and fail to bring carmakers to task for asking taxpayers to support their inefficiencies and harmful products and not demand with more accurate and fair accounting of pollutions costs to society more models with more limited emissions as well as more emissions-free electric vehicles.

The UN climate-change structure recommends spending at least USD 3.5 trillion annually on reducing emissions and capturing carbon to move in the direction of meeting the goals outlined in the Paris Accord to preserve the quality of our way of life.

The WHO warns that if we continue down our current path of increasing harmful emissions, millions of people worldwide will become ill unnecessarily and die prematurely in the next few years.

At present, current air quality is leading to appalling increases in lower respiratory diseases and serious cases of diarrhea among small children.

Meeting the goals of the Paris Accord would reduce dramatically incidences of these illnesses as well as reducing corresponding resources used to treat and to heal.

Unfair, unjust and illegal business practices continue sadly in areas that benefit our society but our mostly unprotected from various predators.

Hogan Injury in California is the latest parasitic example of an entity that fails to comply with basic business ethics of fairly and justly compensating for services rendered in an open and fair manner per written agreements to benefit both parties and society as well in the spirit of fair and open trade that promotes peace through mutual prosperity and development.

Recent increases and subsidizing of coal as well as deferring coal regulation to states is ludicrous and places our air quality and climate in further jeopardy by increasing chances of increasingly destructive weather events such as recent unparalleled flooding in the midwest.

It would be wiser to build, for example, more solar parks or fields with tens of thousands of solar panels the size of 60 football fields with increasingly reliable storage that can provide global residents with enough clean energy for example to not only conserve 7000 cubic meters of natural gas or coal per hour and further reduce harmful emissions that would cause thousands of premature deaths but also power more than 76,000 US homes.

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