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Dissenting While Ascending to Stronger, Higher Challenges

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We continue to appeal to the merits of our submissions with projects against ongoing discriminatory practices that fail to recognize and to acknowledge the difficulty but value of collaboration by and between private structures as well as by and between private and public ones in awarding submissions.

Although only 25 percent of funding in one RfP had been set aside for rural areas, in this region the award went to an urban one that has unfair advantages in terms of resources for publicity. Government’s role should be to ensure a fairer and more equitable playing field to also focus on rural poverty and development here and abroad.

Regional media continues to respond to special interests and especially publicists with large sums of money as they lose their integrity and objectivity to share other professional and expert points of view that have far fewer resources although they are well published.

I, in good faith to regional media, including to regional newspapers, announced an independent advocacy book signing and presentation two weeks in advance in a public agora, sending them complimentary copies of my advocacy work moving forward. No one from media openly attended but there was a thought to a feature as well as online submissions.

Editors continue to censor editorials regarding truer facts and opinions related to ongoing transport procurement with lax regulations, to play the happy day charade that was unsuccessful in making positive change or accelerating it in this region that has embarked on a course of widening significantly highways with inclined demand and corresponding harmful chemical emissions. Businesses have closed and residents have left in disdain.

In my riding recently to New England I was impressed by local government meetings well organized to process grant submissions from local citizens to put on the fast-track important projects especially ones that meet stricter and safer environmental norms in our time of changing climate.

However in my riding through the upper Midwest, I am finding immature managers deceitfully and duplicitously acquiring hard-earned intellectual property without proper marketing or financial respect and not keeping their words.

Fickle and superficial and not understanding higher interests that bind and strengthen the people that would come through the door for more sales with morally sounder reading and writing skills at hand and less electronic typos without purposeful, disrespectful and undisciplined errors would improve business ethics as well as keeping one's word.

Such is life without the short-term-profit consumerism and notoriously ugly results of dancing drunks around the talisman.

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