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Drafting until Launching and the Letter P

Presto, prolifics, prophylactics and more on parasitics as parrots piddle along in the background waiting for their pudding.

Parasitic financial institutions continue to ignore long-lasting members and clients’ interests, who have taken on and paid off various solicited loans in their time, and fail to lower rates in the interests of pro-bono work performed or take members or clients interests more to heart in a spirit of fairness and compromise.

Instead of calling to have something taken on, these parasitic institutions could instead call for a check up of vitals of accounts and lower rates and improve terms in return for pro-bono work performed for mutual benefit and society’s benefit as well.

In our age more and more people are studying hard but practicing even harder prophylactics to survive the last vestige of the failed commercial medical system scheme.

Better to take care and gow one’s own medicinal teas, e.g., and trust one’s own strength, wisdom and knowledge and positive connection with nature and one’s own body and mind than to surrender to the bottom line of special-interested commercial medicine.

I’ve found the ride more stable and enjoyable only when well managed but a healthy, sporty risk can also positively influence production to produce more benefit.

Unfortunately, economists and business planners are failing to come up with successful models to bridge print and digitization other than paying for print and referrals. Stubbornness and unwillingness of conservative defacto censoring-with-financial-terms publishing houses to negotiate seriously and fairly to publish proven new voices in (e)merging fields are also to blame.

No writer should write or ride for free with proven accomplishments and abilities.

Ride as long as you can as free as you can and all the best. Open-air saves the day with superior understanding of our way and our problems, including the harmonization and decarbonization of transport.

Persist in keeping attention on the issue and improvements thereto rather than cheap attacks on individuals practicing these improvements. There is not post-truth. Results matter and people can vote based on accountability and actions of entrusted officials as well as accountable-to-taxpayers functionaries, etc.

Isolated, privileged and unresponsive officials are stubborn and unwilling to agree with more professional, worldly proven and efficient pro bono contractors in a timely manner and will be sidelined as a freight train to let the new Sprinter exhaust-free passenger trains pass by on their own way to a much more exhilarating day with scales in their favor all the way.

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