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Driving and Practicing Policy to Improve our Climate

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With only 5.5 gigatonnes of lithium battery backup for the nation’s renewable solar power, much needs to be done to reach the goal of 900 gigatonnes by 2024 and take advantage of falling drastically prices of lithium for batteries. Less expensive and longer lasting reserve lithium battery power are improving intermittency weaknesses in solar power from cloudy weather or nightfall. As the technology improves we can provide up to 10 percent at the very least of a large cities electrical consumption with renewable solar power.

High polluting coal continues to lose business to healthier and more efficient and sustainable renewables with another coal bankruptcy in WV this past month.

Early results from collaborative international research show that six times more poisonous plastics exists in seabirds than allowed by international conventions, including Paris and Oslo protocols. More collaborative international research should be encouraged and funded to obtain better data in the fight to keep our oceans bio diverse and healthy.

Local neighborhood interests led by populist local aspiring politicians that strive to impede the power and strength of public mobility in changing climate are doomed to fail at higher levels documented by the success of Hiawatha MLW CHIC with over 900,000 passengers in the past year as well as a US District Court ruling that turned down a local governments protest of a rail infrastructure widening project due to untrue, weak arguments that FRA had not taken seriously environmental impacts, etc.

In fact complaining that passenger rail is louder than years of slower freight is a fallacy to many in a new generation of strong, mobile commuters limiting emissions in changing climate that have have been less patiently making the choice to stand on Hiawatha on crowded evening commutes as expansion of runs has slowed and fails to meet demand.

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