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Driving with Pedal Strokes Legislation to Reduce Harmful Chemical Emissions

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It is high time to investigate and pursue a policy to remove harmful chemical discharge emissions from the chemical industry.

It has been known for more than 20 years that the harmful discharges of various chemicals, including the burning of fossil fuels not only weakens dangerously the protective layers of the atmosphere, but also causes holes in the atmosphere above the Antarctic.

Without protection, the ultraviolet rays of the sun harm human ecosystems and the planet causing unfortunate and unnecessary disasters, suffering, death, disease and illness.

The new bill in HR guarantees, when enacted in law, hundreds of billions of dollars urgently to help fulfill US commitments under the Paris Agreement, including reducing from 26 to 28 percent of the amount of harmful gases in atmospheres, compared to 2005 levels by 2025.

But most importantly the bill includes oversight powers to confirm compliance among other member nations.

Recent studies show a strong likelihood for the reality of the hypothesis more than 100 storms per day rise into the stratosphere over the middle of North America and also reduce ozone with a cooling of the temperature from an increase in the amount of water.

In climate change policy, the price of carbon will far more effectively regulate criminal industrial emissions while augmenting fair and just taxes.

Voters prefer positive market solutions to issues and not just taxes in order to effectively eliminate criminal chemical and fossil fuel emissions by industries. But the public sector must respect properly the real costs of innovation.

Of course, obstacles exist to valuable and legal transfers technology from research into commerce as well as access to markets and costs of items and materials, etc.

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