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Dynamic Monitoring of Emissions with eTransportation

Global Atmospheric Watch under the UN’s WMO in Geneva believes that ground monitoring of pollution and validation is essential for accurate measurements because satellites are unable to accurately measure all pollution especially near mountains where they are blocked from access.

Pollution travels up mountain slopes from cities and mixes in the atmosphere to cause condensation. Satellites are unable to measure pollution close to mountains. This would also be true for tall buildings in crowded and congested urban spaces.

This should be seriously considered when evaluating the USD 150 million satellite proposal in the Senate Science and Technology Committee and the billions of dollars spent annually on research and development in satellite technology versus more varied and diverse sources of monitoring and validating air, soil and water quality at all levels of atmosphere for more accurate measurements and facts that are the basis of sound planning and mitigation planning.

New research is showing that increasing carbon levels are not only warming our oceans through photosynthesis and contributing to SLR but also decreasing oxygen levels which correspondingly threaten marine life.

Impacts of climate change directly and indirectly threaten the full and effective enjoyment of a range of human rights, including the rights to life, water and sanitation, food, health, housing, self-determination and development worldwide and should be understood by decisionmakers to make more sound decisions based on facts to ensure quality of life, prosperity and happiness for the vast majority of people worldwide.

The most effective way to reduce emissions by the chief culprit of fossil-fuel industry is to not only not reward this crime but to punish it with high taxes to stimulate needed change as confirmed by voters in California in Prop 6 and to speed up implementation.

Leaving it to the market has not only led to increasing emissions but unnecessary death, destruction and suffering that continues to increase needlessly especially in the US.

Peaceful protests, including ones to reject increases to diesel fuel taxes, although highly unsound in terms of well managed climate change and quality of life, should be allowed only when peaceful with appropriate security measures where needed to protect peoples lives.

According to recent studies, current levels of carbon pollution would produce that same amount of rainfall worldwide in half the time for a given year running up to 2100.

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