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Eco-Cycling and Riding Through to Sales with Wind at One’s Back

While riding through various places with a local spirit and global presence, one’s belief at the line of sale (LOS) in a superior product of immense value to readerships and to society as well, will save the day along with teamwork tested with time as one sprints to finish lines with material rewards fairly earned.

Superior concentration, control and focus as well as thinking through thoughtfully smooth transactions bring joy to many as one rolls through places with tumbleweeds and one’s best friend for support.

One may find room in local budgets under utility and maintenance, e.g., to finance production costs as well.

Building grassroots support day by day, deed by deed, one fills a critical niche in society and leads the way to more independent civilian expert control of a failing and gasping transportation sector that continues to spew out increases in carbon emissions led at present by poor policy from a soft chair with ignorant, lethargic property developers waiting passively and ignorantly for a market that has not responded.

The US President is more concerned about Chinese telecoms losing jobs than about the condition of our own environment. The wasteful US military industrial complex that is the most expensive on earth continues to inefficiently drag us deeper and deeper into debts, squandering political capital and leaving us less competitive in new and emerging markets here and abroad.

The realities as seen from the streets around the world as well of global warming in a changing climate demands smart, snappy highly intuitive 21st century harmonious infrastructure that creates low to no carbon emissions to protect our most precious resources of clean air, clean water and vibrant and thriving environment.

We cannot have strong national security without a vibrant and healthy environment first and foremost and robust expert government policy that acknowledges the threat and real costs, stops lying to the people, and leads our people to courageous, positive action to secure our way of life and pursuit of happiness in a changing world.

When committing to riding especially as eco-transport you may feel like discussing what you see going on around you. Carnivals, parades, ciclovia events and other social activities are fine places to do this with more like-minded individuals that may understand you have common interests and that may be your friends and cohorts in influencing and bringing about necessary positive changes.

But also challenge yourself in different spaces with different minds with your building strength and confidence on two wheels as you push and throw yourself to victories past apathetic bureaucracies to better solutions grasping the root of the problem in one’s firm hand as one grasps their steering wheel.

It’s untrue and dangerous of lazy and unchallenged politicos to portray global warming and climate change as doom and gloom and to ignore. Eco-transport should be praised and lauded as well as practiced regularly as smart, interactive and cutting edge with promise and positivism with new jobs, increases in property values, vibrant and healthy environment, etc.

Riding to a point of sale on National Ride to Work Day this past Friday, I was pleasantly greeted with smooth infrastructure, including a digital sign for all travelers to see celebrating the public holiday with glee.

You may begin to challenge now with your stronger legs and break away from slower and less efficient 501(c)(3)culture spinning wheels in consensus muck with strong, steady real-world solutions moving and shaking up and down their lines and of course revving up the ride to inspire through personal examples more.

You may find yourself speaking more openly and of course improving with practice in many mediums, including quiet or silent ones as well.

Our system can only work when we work it and not lose our focus. And too many local and state bureaucrats continue to ignore more enlightened mandates in these areas as well as continue to control with finance, etc. what information readerships have access to as we roll on to see another improvement gets done.

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