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Five Tens offer Durability, Traction and Style

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I pulled the trigger on the Five-Ten clipless commuter pedal shoes after riding through soles to holes of lighter, less durable designer shoes...

The Five-Ten clipless commuter shoes shine with rounded tips that slide easily on touch right in to stirrups on fast takeoffs.

Scores of smart, durable round grooves on the reusable, thick plastic and flat bottoms hold on to pedals better with traction than other clipless shoes.

The Five-Tens, three-season pedal shoes’ ultra durable recycled plastic lower exudes elite class and confidence in our times of changing climates...

Durable, dress scuff-resistant leather upper with proper care shine in our places of employ with stunning, tasteful conservative styling for the attributor in us all...

Smart gray reflective element on jet black shoe’s back heel reflect car lamp beams vigilantly with heightened safety and defensive effects of biomotioning at night on busy city streets for more peace of mind and cutting edge urban cycling style. Perpetuum mobile!

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