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Focusing on Reversing Deteriorating Climate Change

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The Trump Administration’s rhetoric continues to duplicitously cover up their unprofessional, unconscionable and corrupt inaction as well as unwillingness to protect our clean air, water and soil.

By stubbornly, ignorantly and arrogantly basing policy on the fallacy that climate is not changing, with corresponding crony appointments, the administration is destined to be ridiculed and considered one of the most corrupt and unprofessional in the nation’s history that created far more death, destruction, suffering and damage from poor policies than stridently facing reality and defending our people, our quality of life and the pursuit of happiness in a healthy and well global environment.

Sound, objective global science has proven that millions of deaths each year occur due to ongoing increases in chemical emissions that contribute to deteriorating climate change. Trillions of dollars in damages, suffering and disease have been linked to these emissions.

Withholding support for the Clean Power Plan that would more stringently regulate fossil fuel production and consumption that is the main source of harmful chemical pollution only leads to more well documented increases in deteriorating health and wellness among our citizens.

New bills being introduced in Congress, including one to make the US 100 percent clean-energy efficient by 2050 are well and good but we should not lose focus on expediting passage of HR 9 through the Senate and into law as it calls for immediate compliance with UN Climate-Change Structure and the Paris Accord as well as mandating US oversight of member nations’ compliance with the UN climate structure and billions of dollars in spending to ensure timely oversight that secures our health and wellness with safe air, water and soil that transcends borders.

Third world countries, especially China and India are increasing emissions of hazardous chemical pollutants that require immediate regulation and compliance through HR 9 funding of US oversight to the UN Climate Structure.

If known polluters fail to comply, member nations may take appropriate action per the Paris Accord not excluding trade embargoes on goods produced violating more vigorously enforced, including with state of the art ground sensors that improve data, hazardous chemical emissions levels to reverse deteriorating climate change.

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