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Fulfilling Missions in Timelier Manners

On December 14, we contacted FRA executive assistant to schedule a conference call with FRA Director Ron Batory in regard to not fulfilling our mission to provide safe, reliable and efficient movement of people as well as freight.

168 petitioners and thousands of area residents are beginning to demand speedier direct-passenger rail service to also pass slowing freight trains to meet timetables for commuters and passengers and not systemically weaken essential eco-friendly transportation in our time of continuingly increasing poisonous, harmful carbon emissions especially in congested city centers.

We all know from facts that rail in the US is entirely subservient to taxpayer-subsidized freight interests.


One understands this while waiting for hours in the center of the country for passenger-rail service that is regularly delayed for hours due to poor and inadequate infrastructure that continues to corrupt FRA's mission.

Amtrak recommends only installation of 2-3 mile passing zones to remedy this problem for many passengers, but we continue to run into railroading freight interests, including propaganda, lies and misunderstandings misleading public opinion.

Privately run Brightline passenger rail in Florida believes it can break even if just 0.4 percent of travelers swap in one car commute for a train commute each year.

As of December 28, FRA has still not scheduled our conference call regarding an update on the CRISI funding were it is our understanding we are finalists being reviewed by an expert panel that may not decide in favour of higher public interests again and ignore that spirit of superior policy recommendations without feelings of obligations to make our world a better one through open, fair and conscientious negotiation outweighing dotting i's and crossing t's of victims of gobbledegook.

We have made several contacts to FRA in these two weeks with one single response on 12/19 that indicated FRA executive had received our letter with request on behalf of petitioners and is reviewing it.

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