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Galvanizing Will to Reduce Known Harmful Emissions

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As only 25 percent of UN member countries have the means available to measure and monitor accurately fresh water and water quality overall, it is time for world leaders to work more earnestly at developing significant resultative political will to better defend our most precious resources of water, air and soil.

With 75 percent of the critical resource of water unmeasured and unprotected, it is time to push forward to scale award-winning new research that can tackle this capacity with high quality and capability, including the ability to target and monitor troubled, polluting regions.

Without tightening the noose around polluters' necks with real-time data and evidence, we cannot move forward in attribution of more accurate costs of pollution and equitable financing and payment on the part of polluters.

Time has run out as emissions have increased in the US alone by over 2.7 percent in the last year ruining the posterity of many and not without political costs unpaid at these moments. The tyranny of policies based on unsound science have failed for the last time.

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