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Ignoring Trails Unsafe and Dangerous

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Good afternoon,


While commuting to my places of employment on state trails over the last few weeks, I have noticed a number of impediments to free and to safe movement of trail users that need our trails for health as well as transportation reasons especially in winter time.


MRT and CCT continue to go unplowed completely making use dangerous in various places for users, including pedestrians out for walks as well as bicyclists and others who rely even more on these trails in difficult winter time to commute to work.


Due to non-clearing, trails become icy and then the round of thawing and freezing goes one that causes more accidents needlessly from improper care.


But this is not necessary with a bit more attention from idle state employees or properly guided contractees when they have a few moments to pay attention after the stress and hard work of significant snowfall clearing has passed.


There should be a follow-up procedure to clear intersections of trails and roads that become plowed in and impassable during snowfall clean-up for users, taxpayers and subscribers as well.


MRT and CCT due to high demand from winter users, including commuters, could be cleared on a first tier basis but by all means not left uncared for in the winter.


Snowmobile use is secondary at best and is harmful and dangerous to habitat as well as worsening conditions of trails for other users with poisonous diesel and gasoline fumes and icier, ripped up trails that become very dangerous and unsafe for all users. Ruts in trails from snowmobiles dry in the summer causing recreational users to fall and harm themselves.


We look forward to your prompt attention to take better care of our most precious resources that we rely on for health, transportation and community year-round, including winter.

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