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Improving eTransportation to Benefit Society

As urban scientists we continue to uncover and to prove highly complex interdependencies and interrelationships in a changing climate from global warming between weather events and outcomes among regions.

For example, ongoing thawing of ice in the Arctic leads to discharges of more water and oxygen in the North Atlantic that is being proven to cause heavier rainfall in central China but droughts in the northern China.

Stronger legislation needs to be implemented, including effective limits to nonrecyclable fossil fuels that are destroying our way of life and hope of future security and prosperity. These polluted, corrupted materials end up in landfills and in lakes and oceans where they are poisoning our water, air and soil.

More can be done to provide for fair play with emerging bio-fiber and recycled fiber and fillers that reduce hazardous effects from products produced and containing unrecyclable fossil fuels.

With new research showing that more than 40 percent of adults are unhealthily overweight and with the obesity rate tripling worldwide in the past 40 years, the food industry needs to be regulated more comprehensively especially in less protected developing third world countries susceptible to fast food and fraud in advertising of contents in food products.

The meat industry is a leading contributor offering unhealthy products to consumers that harm the environment with needless ongoing methane emissions from fertilizers and livestock waist as well as providing inferior carbo-protein and protein-fat ratios with dangerously high cholesterol levels not found in fish, breads, fruits and vegetables as well as natural or artificial protein and carbo supplements for timely and healthy consumption to benefit more.

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