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Improving Vital Signs in Climate Change with One's Example and Better Policy 

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The gap between uncompensated junior scientists and paid researchers is also widening although with the commentary of clean-technology expert practicers and users there would be far slower and much poorer development of clean energy technologies and subsidiary industries…

Recalcitrant, stubborn and criminal special interests are leading us to the brink of catastrophe in changing climate as key expert indicators or vitals signs of SLR, RA, FS, DS, and MBDL are all increasing madly due to criminal and corrupt leadership with such historic horrors as the longest vacancy for Chief Science Officer to the President in the history of US government.

NOAA is another recent example of the calamity of entrenched special interests engaged in bankrupt, immoral and criminal policies that are effectively ruining our children's pursuit of happiness and right to clean air, water and soil in their very near futures.

With 90 percent of data from satellite technology NOAA continues to ignore smart calls for the immediate and urgent monitoring with state of the art sensors of low atmospheric levels, including ground, near mountains and tall buildings and in valleys were far more harmful chemical emissions are increasing with corrupt, criminal ongoing increases in fossil-fuel production and use encouraged by the current administration.

Lack of more robust, dynamic data places needless risk and jeopardy in our response to mitigating and to preventing ongoing increases in intensity and in frequency of extreme weather events as the rest fall asleep watching the rerun of the walk on the moon.

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