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Intersecting and Working Together

a Threshold to more Powerful Production


As we are traveling along the way in our various pursuits, we travel through various intersections in our lives.

When one travels through, or on occasion over, intersections whether walking, riding or driving, etc., one need be well prepared and believe as well as being vigilant.

Intersections are cross-shaped and where in a real sense world travelers come to together at a threshold of a sort to pass through orderly and safely and hopefully continue onward in a growingly secular ritual.

However, unfortunately, intersections are also the location of most accidents in transportation due mainly to inattentiveness as many drivers today have become increasingly distracted with chatting and texting and stressing behind their wheel and not paying attention.

I rode through an intersection earlier in my week and a silver-haired older man, not a gentleman due to his uncivil behavior and verbal offences in a very public domain, swore at me and violated the peace of the surroundings because he mistakeningly presumed I had ridden too close to him and he was scared.

He was not paying attention. He did not look up nor did he look both ways when I approached the intersection in a vigilant manner and of course I carefully saw him as I methodically approached this threshold.

He was listening to something on a headset under a headband and clearly inattentive and looking down at the ground and not scanning in a circular manner, clockwise, as a clock ticks, as you please, or counter-clockwise and back in time as the case may be.

Caution to the wind as he entered the threshold a world apart dangerously and not defensively and relying solely on the graces of others and further dulling his god-given senses and instincts for self preservation and the pursuit of happiness.

Of course what could one expect from someone likely crawling out of their basement from hiding and cowering with their toy trains awaiting an international toy-train exhibition later in the year instead of working with others on realizing a real passenger train in our time to better one’s society in a more progressive manner in may ways and to save a languishing legacy and tune in to one's environment.

Meanwhile, the number of trains traveling between Austria and Italy, for example, will more than double by 2026 with the completion of the 64 km Brenner Pass Tunnel through the Alps on the road from Malmo to Palermo in a new world embracing and thriving on the benefits to our environment of train travel, relatively well managed, to save time and to save resources and also to reduce deadly emissions.

Another victim of artificial culture passively headed to their playground in Portage.

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