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Keeping One’s Word While Producing Prolifically

Positive approaches and ingenuity that use smart science of men to predict how Earth responds to global warming can direct nature’s superior forces in our favor to provide more environmental security. For example, increases in water levels in coastal and low lying places can be channeled into underground aquifers, canals, fountains, rain gardens or other artificial storage methods where the water can be stored or further transported to places that need it.

While riding and practicing eco-transport on two wheels or in your choices to use low carbon, multi-modal transport options more, we are not hypocrites hiding behind doors or windshields failing to keep our words.

Perhaps we are expertly more focused on the demand-side of global warming and what any one individual may do to reduce one’s carbon footprint. But positive change is generally thought to occur one person at a time, from the ground up, especially in democracies, to benefit the many.

New legislation in the US Congress is focusing more on reducing emissions from fossil fuels, including coal, natural gas and plugging methane leaks to promote the development and demonstration of environmentally responsible coal and natural gas technologies, and for other purposes.

Encouragingly there are now a number of new bills introduced in Congress to meet the UN framework requirements on climate change and global warming. There is also legislation supporting research and development of carbon capture and reverse pollutant technologies that are moving in a positive direction to protect our most precious resources of air, water and environment as we come together in time to reach goals that many more may benefit from.

We understand that higher laws as well as the wisdom of public opinion will prevail over individual actors in politics. Our system was designed with this thought in mind.

Environment and economics can better meet to stimulate sustainable growth of a low-to-no carbon economy that improves immeasurably the quality of life that economists too often fail to fully account for comprehensively in terms of degrees of costs incurred or to quantify completely in global warming.

But there is give and take in managing the sustainable growth of a low-to-no carbon economy.

For example, US cities should be applying for grants to upgrade outdated poisonously polluting buses to emission-free for zero-emission systems in the coming year. And more money should be set aside for this purpose with Surface Transportation Act funds now being discussed and allocated in a senate subcommittee.

USD 8 million would not fix the bus problem countrywide. Many cities are sadly using outdated polluting emission technologies and in some places cutting public transportation services and forcing people to ride or to drive or to walk more.

Zero-emission or emission-free modes of transport are key terms in new grant proposals in eco-friendly, multi-modal transportation of our time in overwhelming support of the clean power act to protect our environment and to improve air quality especially in large cities.

Sleepy strip planning minds of the past can be taken more to task with strengthening EPA oversight. Trees and other more thoughtful and aesthetically pleasing foliage and design can decrease temperatures and carbon and raise spirits too.

Large open asphalt spaces increase an area’s temperature as well as the Earth’s overall temperature leading to global warming, including melting glaciers and eroding coasts, etc. However, some are still allowed to purport and to implement these irresponsible environmental and economic policies for short-term profit.

We all have only one planet that we can all learn to protect with smart science and share the rewards of contributing and making tacit progress to master issues of our time and to celebrate successes in a positive manner through changing one’s own transportation choices as well.

While racing along rollers in the countryside early one morning, I passed an overweight country gentlemen on a riding lawnmower that broke the silence of the calm and quiet morning saying that “this is easier” as he pointed proudly and defiantly to himself on the mower while seeing me pedal.

I thought not easier for us. Obesity is an irresponsible drain on our resources that requires more knee replacement surgery, leads to higher incidences of diabetes, etc. while inefficient, outdated internal-combustion engines pollute with noise as well as fumes when cutting extremely large and inefficient lawns in terms of resources spent for upkeep and benefits to us ensued.

To each his own, but work to influence the majority one individual or decision maker at a time to decide which is best to secure our future.

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