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Leading Necessary Harmful Emissions Reductions with One's Examples as Well

All too often industrialists and agriculturalists think that reduced emissions in one area allows for increases in other areas. This thinking continues to lead to deadly increases in fossil fuel emissions and ongoing violations of international climate change structure protocols and mandates calling for 1.5 temperature increase from pre-industrial levels to preserve our health, well-being and prosperity on Earth.


Energy, farming, transportation and industry can all work to make further reductions in harmful and deadly emissions that reduce frequency and intensity of extreme weather events and improve quality of our life with better soil, water and air quality and happier and healthier citizens.


Agriculture continues to be a culprit with ongoing methane emissions from livestock fueled by global increases in unhealthy and inefficient meat production methods.


Human-caused climate change is responsible for more than 50 percent of extreme weather events. Ongoing warming leads to increasing moisture that causes more frequent as well as heavier rainfall and corresponding flooding.


Necessary reductions in pollution from fossil fuels, particularly coal with aerosol particles that reflect sunlight away from the earth, lead to further increasing in warming that increases intensity and frequency of extreme weather events at a current pace of 3 times pre-industrial levels or double the UN Climate Change Structure mandates for safety and health and wellness.


With this in mind further research on artificial particulate matter to defend the earth’s layers of atmosphere is even more critical now as well as embarking immediately on stronger emissions reductions globally, including Chinese and Indian pollution emission violations as well as US ones to lead positively for necessary changes with one’s examples as well.

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