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Leading to Smarter Energy Policies to Improve our Environment 

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WBG HC Report advises increasing the price of carbon globally to more effectively reduce harmful carbon emissions especially in production and use of poorly refined fossil fuels that cost our society trillions of dollars to mitigate and to heal as well as well as killing millions of innocent people annually.

The higher the price to date, i.e., in Sweden USD 150, the more stunning the results and the more sustained growth. Of course, third world countries struggling to exist have much lower carbon pricing of date as low as USD 1 without stronger international presence vis a vie corrupt governments as well as two of the largest emitters in China and in India.

WBG estimates rates of USD 40-80 per tonne by 2020 and USD 50-100 per tonne by 2030 to begin to reduce ongoing increases, including from aggressive flacking, through shrewd market measures that governments have shown no will to implement since Paris 2015.

Refining development and implementation of pervoskite technology in solar panels would increase poor efficiencies to approximately ⅓ and worth the investment in nonpolluting renewables.

To offset the de facto Chinese monopoly on ore production for magnets used in electrical cars and fluids used in catalytic converters, the US should embark on aggressive investment and development of thorium which is the cause of harmful radiation from current production especially in Malaysia.

And as with hollistic, sustainable and smart energy strategies, thorium can be used efficiently to also produce nuclear power with far less harm to our environment.

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