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Locking Up Our Future Security on Earth

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Plan S would likely have a catastrophic effect on more dynamic, robust and sound, broad-based science because it would place more financial responsibility on publishers and therefore discriminate against competent, innovative and professional scientists with far less resources at hand.

For science to better solve society’s problems, it needs to provide equal opportunity for vox and as a result influence to scientists through fairer allocation of publishing resources to nurture new and emerging voices through merit-based competitions for funding that would otherwise not be able to solve societal problems with their science due to economic reasons.

Plan S would shift the voice of science to older, established one’s defending status quo without innovative positions, projects or programs.

The conflict is intensifying between the demands to save the planet for life and the greed of large companies' investors. The percent of fossil fuel production should shrink by 20 percent to 2030 and by 55 percent to 2050 to meet urgent and pressing UN Climate Change mandates instead of increasing production of coal, oil and natural gas that leads to more intense and more frequent and more intense weather events, etc.

With all of the hype from the auto industry related to new electric vehicles and the rise of Tesla, the truth of the matter is that at the current pace of modernization by 2030 only 15 percent of vehicles, a chief culprit of poisoning air, soil and water, would be powered with electric, non-combustion engines.

The world needs more multilateral, transnational leadership and enforcement to meet the UN Climate-Change structure’s 1.5 degree target, including rejecting key players that fail to meet objective, international targets as well as empowering in various ways, including measuring and monitoring, transnational organizations with more authority to enforce mandates to preserve our happiness and prosperity on Earth.

More discounts can be offered for participation in emerging investor services that value and observe more stringent environmental data compliance.

For sound, fact-driven science to drive positive change in society, financing must be merit-based and awarded to worthy projects independent of a scientist's or institution's alleged reputation.

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