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Managing Life Cycling to Successes

Managing our lives riding or commuting to successes we have learned to think beyond commercialization to something more fair, secure and morally sound that is better for managing our society without placing unnecessary burdens on oneself or gambling and risking recklessly or needlessly.

As temperatures continue to warm, including in the Arctic tundra, now thaws release harmful carbon emissions that further contribute to increases in global temperature by trapping gases and warming up further the earth’s temperatures through growingly harmful sunlight.

The recent elections in the HR show a new climate-change majority forming to actively and to more aggressively turn back the Trump administration’s continuing catering to the wealthiest one percent that continues to even more dangerously affect our society and the world economy as well in deeper ways.

As the top one percent has doubled their share of wealth since Trump has taken office with unfair tax breaks and dangerous vetoing of conscientious, smart fact-driven environmental protection legislation, suicide rates are up, drug and alcohol abuse are also up and the share of per capita expenses for health care continue to be the highest in the world in the US where 40 percent of the one percent reside in some manner.

While we pay lip service in the US to protecting environment, abroad the US is once again exporting Hummers on defense dollars and purporting corrupt polluting coal production and suspect satellite monitoring and surveillance of atmosphere.

Pick your issues, take on more responsibility, focus and work toward small successes positively.

Lies that these ludicrous policies have been drafted on and implemented are continually being uncovered from all four corners of our planet, including the most recent IMF study that exposes the myth that more equal ownership of our wealth and resources would limit growth.

Just the opposite is occurring in more progressive and more humane nations. Therefore, one may work to advocate for a more progressive tax code with the new HR and develop relationships. There is much to be done.

As a leader in scientific research funding generally the US can do far more to curb language barriers in research publishing to find the best and brightest research with diverse, dynamic and uncorrupt views and approaches to solving the earth’s problems and to also steer these young and promising scientists away from suspect regional publishers for far more benefit to the larger world.

The State of New York will likely prove what we have all known for quite some time in its case against fossil-fuel giant Exxon-Mobil for its senior management’s deception and misleading investors when they failed to account accurately according to that latest GAAP and IFRS global standards on accounting for climate-change realities the cost of fossil fuel extraction, production, distribution and consumption as well as true costs to society from harmful and entirely unnecessary pollution throughout this process from well to soil, to water and to air.

This case will be a precedent with far-reaching effects to control market forces to improve our rapidly deteriorating climate that is the foundation of our very near future prosperity and happiness.

Ride on and defend the quality of our ride.

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