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New Book: Cycling and Prolifics in Life at 10,000 Miles

In the United States, cycling has increased by fifty percent over the past ten years.

Cycling as a means of transport and a means of promoting health and instinct, respect for nature and well-being, as well as a means to improve our society for our children and grandchildren, gives us strength and can be a source of pride, honor, moral strength and strength of mind and also stimulate the quality and quantity of production.

Unfortunately, politics is trying to put the brakes on the cycling movement. The current administration recently removed the White House bicycle racks and continues to ignore the critical facts of global warming.


It ignores intelligent and fact-based, sound science that would ensure our further prosperity and happiness in both the short and long term.


Major daily newspapers are grossly underreporting numbers of active bicycle commuters in large cities in the west, southeast and southwest as well as rural areas in the center of the country as the government continues to spend only approximately $1000 per cyclist per year on developing eco-friendly, separate and safe infrastructure that according to many international studies in the UK and Europe show returns per dollar to society in less medical expenses, better health, and better environment from 300 to 1000 percent.

In this book, Professor Richard L. Sleder describes the world he opens up on two wheels. He sees cycling as a means of greater mobility, independent production, thinking and improving our environment as well as transportation.

The benefits are numerous. Including thoughts and ideas, the author also shares journal entries and letters that has written to improve his way and the way for others.

About the Author

Professor Sleder is a political journalist, editor, and founder of a company that advocates and works toward implementing alternative multimodal transport and eco-friendly solutions in infrastructure.

He rides a bicycle to his work. He travels around Europe, Eurasia, the Far East and America. He is a lifelong cyclist who, on average, has ridden more than 16,500 km in each season in the past four years, including winning three consecutive local competitions throughout the year and garnering a top-30 finish in the US in 2016 in the year-long National Bike Challenge.

Professor Sleder recently led commuters in the international winter challenge powering on to 1,400 km in December 2018.

He is an active member of many transportation and environmental groups, including to promote economic and trade growth with environmental criterium, global peace and security.

In addition to being an avid cyclist, scientist and entrepreneur, Professor Sleder is also a prolific organic gardener. He has a spouse and one daughter.

ISBN: 978-1-4809-5951-4

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