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Owing It to the Next Generation

Owing it to the next generation, we are riding or walking more with purpose, etc., to lower emissions and also be healthier, more fit and more mobile, but much more can be done beginning with a change in politics to acknowledge climate change and more aggressively work toward zero-emission goals as policy.

A de-carbonizing strategy based on a robust electrification effort, including a diversified balance with some DC line networks between regions as well as using far better data to determine the most efficient locations for wind-generation farms and solar panels would be important steps in acknowledging our commitment to clean, healthy and holistic energy that harnesses positively the superior power of our universe to improve the quality of life of the next generation.

Technology and engineering need to respond more with psychology and social sciences in mind to help science overcome reticent politicians and planners that use erroneous data and waste our resources as a result of poorly thought through planning that fails to take to heart eco-biological concerns as well as other modes of non-carbon transport in planning and implementation.

Slow-walking, slow to respond state filers and other functionaries should also take this advice to heart the next time they dawdle and delay and resist changes that overwhelmingly benefit public good as they hide behind their mascots that lack accountability to taxpayers and demonstrate over and over again that they lack knowledge and understanding to implement projects that acknowledge changing climate, including working with more enlightened pro-bono contractors.

Meanwhile thoughtful and emerging private entities are racing to fill gaps to bring theory to market for more benefit for more members of society to mitigate further suffering, damage and death from climate change in future generations.

Carbon capture technologies are at early noisy, mechanical stage that need to be improved in terms of working harmoniously with the universe’s strengths for self preservation and enhancement of life, for example, by planting more mature greenery and foliage as well as using natural materials for rain gardens, etc., instead of heat generating slabs of cheap concrete to channel water and degrade senses of our people.

Local planners that continue to spread concrete to channel growing rain water and flooding on increasingly expanding and dangerous concrete surfaces should be reprimanded in our time of climate change as this only exacerbates global warming. Once again these planners should be certified and educated to work with nature and natural materials to improve quality of life with all of its benefits to citizens more as human beings and less as resources.

Planners continue to be ignorant of holistic eco-planning in transport. If we continue to poison our three main sources of livelihood, i.e., soil, atmosphere and climate we will inexplicably leave the next generation a hell on earth if we do not fight to reduce emissions and improve climate on a case-by-case basis with civilian oversight of ignorant and dangerous planners pushed around by special interests that have unfair advantages due to wealth and connections, including asphalt and concrete makers, automakers, AAA, bus companies, etc., that have proven over and over again to not make necessary and sufficient changes to protect our way of life without stronger enforcement laws.

Without unrelenting leadership proving to the people the need for sound scientific facts to guide us to improving climate, we risk repeating the same mistakes that the next generation will be made to pay for with more suffering, death destruction and far less peace of mind.

The principles behind Scott Pruitt’s resignation should guide the newly appointed successor who should not come from the coal industry. The EPA in our time requires a more objective and far less specially interested and tainted leader who will both be a positive example and make a positive difference with a stronger voice that acknowledges the sound scientific facts of climate change and global warming to grow the infrastructure of the new no-to-low carbon economy to significantly improve the quality of life in our cities. Senate confirmations should demand this acknowledgement to the public.

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