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Pedaling Through to Better Practices in Eco-Logistic Links  

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According to EDF, the UN's IPCC from Kenya, we only have until the year 2050 to stop adding more climate pollution to the atmosphere than we can remove. If we fail to do this, we will experience the worst effects of climate chaos.

MBS Commenting: These are fine benchmarks but appear further away and not especially urgent to many. Nevertheless, we can come together with practicing these principles and values in our own ways and means and celebrate personal examples that lead to cognitive, individual driven reductions that create better synergies in our society to get the technical work done along the way filling in between the lines.

A soon-to-be-announced bill will require federal agencies to begin using their authority to move America towards a 100% clean energy economy. It will put us on the path to dramatically cutting pollution across all sectors of our economy, while also creating new jobs and protecting the health of our most vulnerable communities.

MBS Commenting: Funding should be allocated according to many criteria, including per-capita income and pollution levels, as well as more open and transparent procurement and acquisition laws that require states to work with struggling individual actors to improve their worth in beneficial collaborations and sponsorships.

As the effects of climate change worsen, and as our climate innovations and technology improve, we need to push for bold policies that make net-zero emissions possible.

MBS Commenting: Bold policies for us have included riding down to transportation without gas-combustion engines to better sense benefits of smaller more efficient engines as we lead the way in blazing logistic links to places autos may not have access and find niches with our personal examples, civil experience and expertise to no better than survive at our own wills and in peace with our own values, ways, principles and beliefs.

In this regard we passionately support and recommend the 100% clean energy economy bill as the best means to clean up our economy moving forward sustainably and circularly with new green growth for all that sincerely want it.

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