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Pitching for Safer eTransportation Year-Round

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With all of the ice developing on trails and roads due to thawing and freezing cycles, it is time to implement pitched trails and roads for safe trail and road use year-round, including winter, to observe international norms.

As trails are resurfaced and elevated in response to increased rainfall and precipitation, smart developers, designers and planners should provide for pitches to push water to the sides and irrigated away from road surfaces where freezing temperatures create ice, accidents, injuries and even loss of life due to poor design.

Local planners especially need to stop saying this is here and it has always been this way here in terms of recreated old, outdated designs and forms.

Smart design saves cities money on maintenance as well as litigation due to injuries caused by poor design from trail and road users who rely on these public resources for their livelihood and well being.

Pitched designs as shown in the second photo are simple to build and would also comply with sustainable, ecological management practices that use less sand and salt to harm less our fresh-water estuaries as well as conserve finite resources.

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