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Planning in a Circular, Sustainable Transnational Economy

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When eFields meet finance, one must guard against criminal and predatory lending practices that at the moment continue to undervalue the true benefits and costs from climate change projects.

Politicians all too often make excuses to voters that projects with environment regulation become too expensive.

Regulation is no longer in vogue fixed rates and prices for pollution is becoming standard to pay to meet the UN Climate Structure mandates. Carbon pricing may likely in time force out noncompetitive and unwilling polluters who continually fail to innovate with clean technologies.

Planners need be far more ambitious in phasing out unclean fossil fuel production. Countries also need to develop far stricter requirements when importing such products.

Voters are tired of politicians excuses in these fields as well as out-of-mind and out-of-touch corrupt industrialists slogging through the status quo seemingly without conscience for the health and livelihood of future generations.

Circular sustainable economics is here to stay and to be mastered for the better of us all in one peaceful and prosperous transnational world as we plan our celebrations and advocacy in the run up to 47th World Environment Day.

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