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Planning Transport with Health and Wellness at Heart

· Two Wheels Defending

As incidences of diseases increase with growing harmful emissions in our cities, it is time to take planners and policymakers to task for not planning better for health and wellness of commuters in our cities.

Simply polluters should be made to pay for their cleanup and corresponding resources allocated to non-polluting modes of transportation to save the quality of life in our cities.


Enlightened planners should rely more on sound-scientific data that is being collected from devices such as Flow to prove harmful emissions and plan for reductions by reducing harmful pollution from polluting modes of transport in various ways, including eliminating access to certain areas or limiting to only certain times of the day per precedents in Europe and other cities worldwide, phasing in reduced emissions technology far sooner, and providing safer infrastructure for non-polluting modes of transport, including walking, cycling, and growing e-transportation.


Once again one's actions are also eloquent in defending our precious resources, by speaking out, filing complaints, and celebrating successes along the way. Much resistance comes from heavily invested special interests that can be checked for public benefit with work.

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