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Politics of Ignorance and Inaction only Worsen our Quality of Life, Health and Wellness

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The current administration’s politics of dangerous ignorance and arrogance related to our future environmental hence national security has permeated deeply into the State Department’s administration of funding democracy programs.

Rejecting well presented and compliant with procedure submissions to requests for proposals self admittedly based on politics and neither substance nor sound facts is disgraceful in this land of liberty and justice and due diligence for all.

Once again freedom of expression and uncensored media has taken a back seat to fossil fuel lobbies that are driving our quality of life deeply and irreversibly to more catastrophe and horrible quality of living conditions with depleting quality of air, water and soil as well as deteriorating health and wellness.

DoS bureaucrats follow the lead of basing policies on a lark’s fantasy ignoring sound scientific facts and once again begging to be cleaned up and set straight again with upcoming elections.

Ignoring increasing death, destruction and illness from ongoing increases in fossil-fuel use is criminal and deserves at the very least to be voted out of office in this great land of truth, equal opportunity and fair play for all.

Objective global experts all agree that we must immediately with passage of HR9 that is in the Senate Sub-Committee on Public Works and Environment comply with the UN Climate Change Structure, including the Paris Accord for peace of mind, health and wellness of citizens worldwide to know that our future and our childrens’ are in safe, rational and in caring, compassionate hands.

We can use our economies of scale to force our competitors to improve their production with cleaner methods but we also need to maintain our leadership and continue moving forward with developing dynamic and comprehensive defenses against hazardous chemical emissions, including non-satellite ones, that are changing our climate more drastically and exponentially at increasing levels while the administration continues to move in the wrong direction of short-term, parasitic and speculative greed.

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