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Protecting Endangered Forests to Benefit Us All

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With increasing pressure from small and large farmers to grow crops to feed the world’s growing population, environmental protection must focus on communicating benefits of forests that are under growing threats from commercial developers not only for farming but also residential.

Following through with their terms would be unsafe and unwise in terms of causing more catastrophic forest fires throughout the third world and other places as well especially without proper guarantees for environmental safety, security and healthy sustainability based on sound scientific data and facts.

Strategies need to include focusing on local and national government decision makers through and with various interested organizations and in collaboration on more united fronts against growing odds and pressures from corrupted special interests to promote benefits to the public of understanding biodiversity and promoting cleaner air, soil and vegetation for all of our citizens and residents to enjoy.

Show of support with public demonstrations of various sorts from open-air to assemblies and committees and writing letters help defend what some want to acquire only for their own personal livelihood can influence public opinion before votes.

Open and fair elections with candidates that have more well developed policies on issues is the most important aspect as well as following up on voting records and legislative authorships in the run up to reelections.

Policies based on sound facts from reliable as well as growing independent and verified data that determines policies rather than wishes of unpopular and outgoing leaders to confirm politically convenient hypotheses to win elections would begin the new road to taking responsible leadership through one's example's public and private as well to work to reduce increasing emissions and meet the goals and objectives of the UN Climate Structure.

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