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PSA-Implementing Proper Drainage along Paths, Trails and Roads

With increasing rainfall especially in northern latitudes, the time is now to implement plans for better drainage along roads, paths and trails.


Sound plans would include a proper balance between foliage and vegetation that consumes water naturally and filters the air with canalization, irrigation and drainage networks built with more sustainable natural materials to divert increasing rainfall for storage and use in gardening, agriculture and proper treatment for safe drinking water.


Too often a proper balance is not implemented and as a result strips of land along trails are left barren and create even more flooding along downhill slopes to basements in private homes.


Trails and paths are often built too low and if they are raised with proper drains nearby they can be used safely year-round.


According to recent studies 50 percent of rainfall is wasted. With implementation of proper plans, including with specifics listed above, that number would drop significantly for conservation and benefit.

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