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PSA: Night-Time Commuting

· Two Wheels Defending

Night riding can be safe and enjoyable with the following pro tips in mind:

Use reflective sidewalls on your tires to protect your sides especially when traveling through intersections where most accidents can occur.

Reflective sidewalls light up when headlights beam on them and may save you one night especially if you get in the habit of wiping them down regularly. Dirt takes off the shine.

If you run thicker, non-road tires for example 700*35c or 38c which are more secure in snow and in ice at lower pressures, consider Panaracers. They have outdistanced other brands, including Bell and are well worth the investment in such consumable.

Most places require one bright white front headlight and a bright red rear-light although most do not enforce this ordinance.

Make sure you have fresh, strong batteries or fresh charges so your lights are at their brightest throughout your ride. Your lights may save you being hit or injured if you are seen.

Stronger lights are a good choice if you need to see your road clearly and safely without artificial lighting.

Zefal rechargeable lights are strong and fairly reliant over longer terms you may need to tweek the coils a bit to keep them lit.

Bio-motion and reflective gear are also fine touches to be seen and thus protected when traveling especially though dangerous intersections.

Reflective elements on moving body parts have proven far more effective at capturing distracted driver’s eyes as they are not only bright but also moving.

It is generally far more enjoyable and safer to take alternate routes with less traffic at night too to reduce risk from injury. The air is fresher and the scenery and nature strengthening and invigorating and you will likely find that you enjoy your commute far more even if you add on a few extra minutes.

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